New Rain Gutters? Use The Old Ones For Planting Flowers

If you are having new rain gutters, also known as an eavestrough, put on your home, you can upcycle the ones they take down and plant flowers in them. Below is some information about the installation of  your new rain gutters, and some ideas on how you can use them for flowers.

Rain Gutters

Rain gutters are attached to the fascia and run the entire length of your roof. Without gutters, water would run off your roof, down the side of your home, and pool on the ground around your foundation, which can cause damage. It could also leak into your basement if you have one.

Rain gutters allow the rainwater to flow off and away from the sides of your home. The water is guided to downspouts, routes the water so that it is a few feet away from your home. You can ask the company to direct the downspouts to a certain area, such as a gravel area or onto grass. You can also make use of this rainwater by placing a rain barrel under the spout that you can use to water your flowers.

Flower Garden Rain Gutters

Rain gutters can be used as a long and shallow planter. They work well for flowers that do not require a large amount of growing space. Some flowers that you can choose include petunias, marigolds, snapdragon, salvia, and moss rose. Make sure wherever you install the rain gutters receives at least six hours of sunlight per day.

Cut the rain gutters the desired width. Cut plastic rain gutters with a hacksaw, and use tin snips if you have aluminum rain gutters. You need to put end caps at each end of the rain gutter so your soil does not spill out. You can purchase these caps at any hardware store that sells gutters.

You need to drill drain holes on the bottom of the gutters. Holes that are about 1/2 to 1 inch will work well. You do not want them to be too large, as too much water will drain out of them. Place the drainage holes every few inches.

Mount the rain gutters on any vertical surface, such as a deck railing, wall, fence, or the side of your house using the same hardware that is used to attach them to your roof.

Once they are mounted, put some quality potting soil in the gutters. Fill them up to where they are about two inches from the top. A small amount of soil will leak through the drainage holes, but this is okay. Once you plant and water your flowers this will not happen, as the water will cause the soil to become compacted.

Water the flowers well after you plant them to help them get established. Because they are planted in a small space, they will dry out much quicker so you may need to water them once a day unless you receive rain. If it becomes very hot outside, water them twice a day.

For more information on raingutters, contact a professional like Eagle Eavestroughing.