How To Give Your Family Room A Western Look

If you are giving your family room a western look, just think of one special word: cowboys! Here are some ideas that may help you to attain a unique and fun look that your family and friends can enjoy. 

The Walls

Wallpaper with a western motif would be a great choice. Spurs, lassos, cowboy boots, cactus and longhorn cattle are among some of the designs that would work well. Another idea is wooden paneling. Reclaimed antique wood would be fabulous. Reclaimed walnut, oak, or elm are good examples of wooden paneling that would work well in a western-themed family room. If you would prefer painted walls, think of faux painting them to look like weathered leather.

The Furniture

Dark brown leather for your sofa and occasional chairs would be a great choice. If you'd rather go with fabric, choose either red or blue denim for a very casual look. If you want to dress things up a little, choose a floral print. Either way, select throw pillows that enhance your western theme. Cow prints, contrasting denim, and gingham are all good choices. To add a light touch, buy throw pillows for your furniture that have funny sayings on them. For example, a throw pillow that says something like Park Your Horse In The Coral or Keep Your Boots Off The Furniture would definitely add interest to the room. Wooden end tables would be good while an antique steamer trunk would make a great coffee table.

The Window Treatment

Wooden plantation blinds or wooden shutters would be great in a western room. Another idea is to have draperies custom made by a company like Custom Drapery By Casa Decor. If you've chosen brown leather or denim for your furniture, a floral design for your draperies would complement the furniture. If you've selected a floral pattern for the upholstery on your furniture, denim would be a good choice. Leather tie backs would add a rustic feeling. Pewter or brass stars would dress things up a bit.

The Decor

Framed photographs of classic movie stars like Clint Eastwood, John Wayne and Alan Ladd would be great. And, if you can get your hands on posters from their movies, that would be even more fun. The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly would represent Clint Eastwood, The Searchers would cover John Wayne and Alan Ladd's Shane are all ideas that would work well.

As you shop for western home decor, don't forget to check out antique stores and thrift shops where you'll find one-of-a-kind items for your western-themed family room.