Why You Should Choose Wood For Your Replacement Door Frame

You might have noticed that more and more entry doors are constructed out of synthetic materials like vinyl or fiberglass. However, they always have a fake wood texture or print. If you want the look of real wood, why not just buy wooden entry doors? Here are just 3 reasons why wood is perfect for replacement door frames.

Wood Style is Unmatched

First off, wood is the most stylish choice. The fact that other materials are made with fake wood finishes tells you everything you need to know about it. The synthetic products never look as good as the real thing. They certainly won't feel like real wood either. When it comes to style wood is also great because it can always be changed. That is, you can repaint or stain it whenever you want to change the look of your door frame. Of course, each side of any door can be painted or stained a different color.

Wood is Durable

Wood is perfect for door frames because it is a durable product. A solid wood door frame will provide just as much insulation, soundproofing, and protection as any other material. Furthermore, wood can withstand the inevitable wear and tear that an entry door is put through. Unlike synthetic materials, wood is easy to repair. This is vital when it comes to fixing dents and dings in your door frame. A bit of wood patch and touch-up paint can solve your problem. Synthetic materials are much harder to patch and repaint.

Wood is Customizable

It is easy to change the finish on a wooden door frame. This is a major factor among homeowners who like to keep their home style up-to-date and current. A paint or stain finish can go out of style over the years. But, since wood is so easy to refinish, you can always make sure your door frames are stylish. Most people update their door frames when they need small cosmetic and ding repair. The new finish can make your doors look very different.

These are just three of the many great reasons for investing in wooden replacement door frames. Go look at the various styles and you will be able to find one that fits your decor. Best of all, you can apply a custom finish to make your doors stand out. Updating your door frames is a fun and affordable way to switch up your style.Visit a site like http://www.distinctivesidingandwindow.com for more information.