Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Windows In Great Shape

If you are like most homeowners, you probably don't spend a ton of time thinking about your house's windows. You'll notice them pretty quickly though once you realize a draft is increasing your energy costs or some rotted wood has attracted insects or other pests. If you want to keep your windows in great shape year after year, here are a few tips that might help.

Reach for the Caulk

If you want to keep your heating and cooling bills down, you should inspect your windows for drafts at the start of every new season. Get some caulk at any home improvement store and then go through the house window by window, checking to see if you can feel a breeze coming in when the window is closed. Add the caulk where needed and then inspect the window again after it has dried.

Scrape It Out

Your next windows maintenance tip is to keep a sponge brush or another scalpel-like instrument handy. Your window tracks can be one of the most difficult spots to clean but you can get it done with the right tool. You'll find that a sponge brush is likely a great fit for these areas of your windows. Keeping your tracks clear of debris will reduce rot on wooden frames and reduce wear and tear to the window itself.

Pay Special Attention to Wood Frames

If your windows have wooden frames, you should always be on the lookout for rot. If you notice rot starting to build, you can stop it before it gets worse by gently scraping out the rotting part of the frame and then refilling it with some epoxy putty that you can find at any home improvement store.

Make Your Panes Shine Super Bright

If you really want your windows to look clean, here's a do-it-yourself mixture that works great. Instead of just going with generic soap for your cleaning mix, you should instead mix some water with a bit of dish soap and then add some vinegar. The vinegar will take you're cleaning to another level and help keep the windows streak-free.

If you want your windows to continue looking as great as the day they were installed, you should be proactive about a regular window maintenance plan. Each season, inspect your windows for drafts, rot and accumulated debris in the window tracks. If you notice a significant problem, contact a window repair expert for help.

If your DIY repairs aren't enough to resolve your window problems, consider replacing them by working with a company like Window Makeover