Should You Have Single- Or Double-Hung Windows Installed In Your Home?

Getting ready to replace your home's old windows? If so, you'll need to decide on what kind of window that you want to install. Here is what you need to know about installing single- or double-hung so you can decide which one is best for your house.


One time when you'll really notice the difference between these two styles of windows is when it comes to cleaning. Single-hung windows are going to be much harder to clean the glass on the outside since that top section doesn't move. It results in needing to get out a ladder to reach the glass from the outside or awkwardly hanging out of the window to reach the glass.

Double-hung windows have two sections of glass that tilt inward, so you'll easily be able to clean the glass from inside your home. This makes the cleaning process not only easy but safe as well.

Energy Efficiency

One of the benefits of having a single-hung window will be the energy efficiency. Air is going to leak through seals in the window, and more seals mean more places where air can get through. This means that the single-hung window will be more energy efficient over time. However, a double-hung window isn't exactly inefficient. If the window is made with high-quality material and still maintains a good seal, it can provide excellent energy efficiency to a home. Just make sure to fix problems with the seals over time as you notice them becoming loose.

Style Options

Single-hung windows are starting to become less popular with homeowners, which means that manufacturers are focusing on them less when it comes to their overall product line. There will simply be fewer styles to choose from, which doesn't give you plenty of options. Meanwhile, double-hung windows come in many styles due to their popularity, which results in having more options that will be sure to work with your home.

Child & Pet Safety

Single-hung windows only open from the bottom, which makes the window less safe for children and pets that can press up against window screens. Double-hung windows can open along the top, so if you want a breeze in a room with a child or pet, you can feel at ease knowing that they won't be able to reach the screen.

If you want to learn more about single- and double-hung window installation, reach out to a window contractor in your area for a consultation.