Choosing New Windows for Your Country Home

If your home is in the country or if you own a cabin in the woods or near a lake, you must address special considerations when it comes to residential window installation. Whether you live in the home full-time or use it as a private seasonal getaway, you'll want windows that are secure and add to the beauty of your home. Here are some points to consider.

Frame Material

Wood is a classic choice, but if you have a cabin or home in the woods, wood might not be the best option. Instead, vinyl-clad or fiberglass-clad windows might be a better choice. The frames are wood on the inside so they add to the natural beauty of a cabin or farmhouse, but the other side of the frames are clad in vinyl or fiberglass so the windows are more resistant to damage. For instance, you won't have to worry about insect damage to fiberglass or vinyl, nor will you have to worry about rot. This could be important if your home is surrounded by wildlife and you leave the home vacant for days or weeks at a time since rats or raccoons can chew on rotted wood and damage the windows or even break into your house.

Both vinyl and fiberglass windows can be made to blend in with a natural cabin or old farmhouse. These windows come in dark colors that make them look like wood so you don't have to worry about white frames if you choose vinyl.

The Glass

When you choose your new windows, consider the type of glass you'll buy. Impact glass is one option that will improve home security. If your home is vacant at times, impact windows will help protect against intruders and natural storms. The glass stays in the frame even if it's cracked so nothing can get inside. This added protection against storms and winds could be useful when living in the country since there may not be other buildings around to act as windbreaks that protect your house.

If your home has large windows with beautiful sweeping views, you may want tinted film added that blocks UV rays so you can avoid problems with solar heating and furniture fading while you leave the windows uncovered to admire the view.

The Installation

When you get replacement windows, the contractor puts new windows in the existing wall opening. You can have custom windows made that fit any shape window your home might have. You can also change the window style with replacement windows if you want to upgrade to double-hung windows that are easy to clean. You have many options for replacement windows that don't require altering the opening in the wall. However, if you want to enlarge a window or add a window, talk services like Precision Siding & Windows about your options and the cost as that is a different installation process than simply putting in a replacement window.