5 Window Treatment Options For Sliding Glass Doors

A sliding glass door needs just the right window treatment. The treatment must provide for privacy and light management while still allowing the door to be used for its designed purpose.

1. Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are perhaps the most popular choice for sliding glass doors. These large vertical slats hang down from a valance control box, which usually features an attractive cover. The bottoms are not affixed to anything, so you can step through the blinds and the door without opening the window treatment. They can also be tilted open for light or opened fully. They come in vinyl or fabric options. 

2. Drapes

Simple drapes or curtains work very well on a sliding glass door, which is little more than a floor-to-ceiling window that can open. Choose long drapes that attach just below the ceiling and end an inch above the floor for the most attractive appearance. Sheers allow in light, but you can also opt for light-blocking curtains or combine sheers with curtains for more options. Choose curtains that open from one side instead of in the middle so access to the door isn't inhibited. 

3. Track Blinds

Track blinds look more like a series of stiff fabric panels. Each panel is a foot or more wide. They are typically made of sheer material, although opaque options do exist. You can pull the panels along a track to open them, where they will stack up into an overlapping series at one end when open fully. This option is quite modern-looking and provides clean lines that are pleasing to the eye.

4. Sheer Shades

Sheer vertical shades are a combination of vertical blinds and curtain sheers. Between each blind slat is a panel of sheer fabric, which creates an accordion-like fold once the blinds are fully opened. These shades allow you to open the blinds on the sliding glass door to let in light, but they still provide privacy and diffused light due to the sheer panels. 

5. Horizontal Panels

Panels, similar to roman shades, can be installed via a top valance above the sliding glass door. Two panels are usually put in so that you can open the door half of the sliding glass door while leaving the shades closed over the fixed half. The door panel must be open completely in order to use the door, though. When horizontal panels are installed, they are often equipped with a motorized opening mechanism to make their usage simpler. 

Contact a custom-made window treatment service if you need help finding a sliding glass door window solution.