5 Reasons To Upgrade Your Patio Door To Vinyl

When shopping for a new patio door, there will be several options for frame material. Wood and metal doors are two choices, but perhaps the best option to consider is a vinyl patio door. These are a few of the reasons to go with vinyl.

1. Easy Care

Patio doors are different than other doors in the house, as they are just as much window as door. Frequent opening and closing can put stress on some door materials. For example, wood frame door joints can become loose around the glass, or metal may bend or warp. Vinyl, on the other hand, doesn't suffer any of these problems. There's rarely a need for repairs or repainting, as the door functions with nearly no care necessary at all. 

2. Energy Savings

High-performance vinyl patio door frames have an insulated core, which leads to increased energy efficiency. Higher energy efficiency means lower heating and cooling bills. If you combine the door frame with low-E glass, one of the more energy-efficient options for window glass, then you end up with a high level of energy efficiency and even better savings over time. 

3. Design Range

There are no limits when it comes to design. Although vinyl slider doors are popular and readily available, you can also find single and double french door styles, as well as split dutch doors. The vinyl frames are available in a variety of colors to meet your decor. Decorative trim and various window sizes and styles also provide an opportunity to customize the design to your desires. 

4. Affordable Options

Perhaps one of the big reasons to opt for vinyl is cost. When quality and cost-effectiveness are equally important, then vinyl will deliver. There are the initial cost savings for the door at purchase, and then there are the ongoing savings you will enjoy due to lower energy costs and few maintenance needs. Overall, vinyl can be the best long-term choice for your budget.

5. Better Comfort

You may not think of comfort when you think of patio doors, but it can become a concern if the wrong type of door is installed. Metal doors on south or west-facing patios can burn your hands when you try to operate them after the sun has been beating down on them. Metal also tends to attract condensation or even frost buildup in winter. Vinyl is always cool to the touch, but it isn't prone to any condensation problems.

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