Considerations For Mobile Home Exterior Siding Replacement

Exterior siding replacement is a fantastic way to upgrade the look and value of your mobile home. Over the years, exterior siding options have improved dramatically. The newer siding of today not only looks better but also performs better even in extreme climates.

Replacing the siding on a mobile home is identical to replacing the siding on a stick-built home. The only difference is if your mobile home has skirting that you don't plan to replace. In this case, the new siding must look good with the existing skirting material.

When selecting the product for your mobile home's exterior siding installation, consider each of these very important things:

The Local Climate 

When choosing new mobile home exterior siding, your local climate is the first consideration. Siding that will perform fantastically in one area may not be so great in another. 

For instance, do you live in Florida, where your mobile home bakes in the hot sun all day and is exposed to salty offshore winds? Or do you live in the mountains where your home is subjected to multiple feet of snow and high winds?

While vinyl siding is fantastic in areas with mild climates, it is prone to cracking when subjected to constant excessive heat. Vinyl siding can also be seriously damaged in high winds. Wood or cementboard siding, however, is ideal in more extreme climates or areas with high winds.

No one siding product is best for every climate. It is essential you select one of the options that are ideal for your mobile home's climate.

How You Want Your Mobile Home to Look

The second consideration is how you want your home's new exterior siding to look. Once you know which siding options will perform well and last a long time in your local climate, you can choose the look you want from the viable options.

For example, you can choose everything from siding manufactured to transform your home into a log home to sleek and modern metal. As long as the siding you like the best will work in your climate, then go for whatever look you will love for years into the future. 

The Acceptable Level of Future Exterior Siding Maintenance

The last consideration, equally as important as the others above, is how much maintenance is acceptable for your chosen exterior siding.

For example, aluminum and vinyl siding never need painting. These types of siding only need periodic cleaning and replacement of storm-damaged sections when necessary.

Alternatively, wood and cementboard siding will eventually fade in the sunlight and require painting. If you don't want to paint your home every decade, cement board and wood siding aren't good options.

Unless you plan to fix up the mobile home and sell it, choose a siding product with an acceptable level of future maintenance.

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