3 Window Treatments That Work Well With Small Children In The Home

Every parent will tell you that when you have a toddler or small child in the house, home decor and interior design can fall by the wayside while you try to keep everything safe and your nerves intact. The fact is, when there are little hands that like to grab and pull at everything, the traditional window treatments are simply out of the question. Long drapes get twirled around small bodies as hiding spots and traditional blinds get yanked open by their slats and their strings pulled repeatedly. If you have a small child or two in the house, there are a few window treatments that will actually work. 

Roman Shades

Roman shades are often thought of as an outdated window treatment option, but these things really do work well if you have small children in the house. In fact, roman shades are actually a lot safer. These shades are basically long pieces of material that keep the window covered and fold up when they are not in use, held in place by a small clip at the top of the blind. Roman shades come in many different varieties and are even pretty simple to make at home if you are a little crafty. 

Light-Filtering Cellular Shades 

This is a relatively new way to add a window treatment to the windows in your home and actually works pretty well if you have children. These shades are affixed to a frame that is fitted to the window and can be pulled open to cover the window in either vertical direction. There are no strings and cords, no slats, and no bulky hardware to try to attach at the top of the window. The shades can be completely concealing if you prefer, but most cellular blinds allow in some light. 

Interior Wooden Shutters 

Wood shutters that cover the interior of your windows are an excellent way to add a touch of country charm to a room, but they also work out pretty well in homes with small children. These blinds are solid in structure, so they are resilient to the pulls and tugs of little hands and fingers and will not break easily. The shutters are constructed of wooden slats with a single wooden bar that runs along the center to open and close the shutters. The shutters can also be fully opened most of the time when you want full visibility.