Choosing New Windows for Your Country Home

If your home is in the country or if you own a cabin in the woods or near a lake, you must address special considerations when it comes to residential window installation. Whether you live in the home full-time or use it as a private seasonal getaway, you'll want windows that are secure and add to the beauty of your home. Here are some points to consider. Frame Material Wood is a classic choice, but if you have a cabin or home in the woods, wood might not be the best option. [Read More]

Windows Wearing Out? Why Your Replacements Should Be Vinyl

If your current windows have outlived their usefulness, and it's time to invest in replacements, don't pass up the opportunity to choose vinyl. You might not think that the type of window frame matters, but that's not actually the case. Choosing the wrong frame for your new windows can lead to problems later. Here are just four of the reasons why vinyl windows are the best option now that you're investing in replacements. [Read More]

Creating Striking Custom Interior Windows

Picking interior windows is often different from picking exterior windows. People can focus on the aesthetics and not the insulation and similar factors. Interior Windows Are Typically Made Using Single-Pane Arrangements of Glass Modern customers usually want their exterior windows to be insulated. These days, double-pane exterior windows have become standard. The customers who are looking for interior windows usually won't have to worry about this feature. Even the people who want to insulate individual rooms more effectively won't always want to do so using their interior windows, which are often located above doors and the openings to rooms. [Read More]

2 Major Advantages Of Full-Frame Replacement Windows

When you have a window replaced in your home, you can just have the glass replaced, or you can have the entire frame around the window replaced. When you have the entire frame around the window replaced, it is called a full-frame replacement window. Full-frame replacement windows allow underlying damage to be detected and dealt with and allow for proper insulation to be installed. Advantage #1: Deal with Unseen Damage [Read More]