Are Impact Resistant Windows Worth The Extra Money?

Impact resistant windows, also known as hurricane resistant windows, are a great ways to safeguard your home, especially if you live in an area prone to hurricanes.  These windows provide protection to your home all-year-round, and you need zero preparation once you install these windows in your home. However, some people find it hard to install impact resistant windows in their home because of their price tag. But the question is, are these windows worth the extra money? [Read More]

3 Great Tips When Selecting Residential Window Shades

Having high-quality shades in your home is important for many reasons, from beefing up your family's privacy to enhancing the interior aesthetics. If you're in the market for a new set, you'll want to remember these tips.  Identify a Target Room There are so many shades you can purchase today that have different intended purposes. To ensure your shades work out exactly as you hope, you first need to identify the room that they're going in. [Read More]

The Best Materials For Movable Windows

Replacing your window fixtures can be the ultimate home remodel. If your home has new windows, you can enjoy improved energy efficiency thanks to better insulation. On top of this, new fixtures are going to be far easier to operate. Homeowners love having new fixtures that are easy to open and close. This enables them to control natural air flow more efficiently and maintain the right temperature without being so reliant on electronic devices. [Read More]

How To Patch Leaky Vinyl Gutters

Vinyl gutters have many advantages, such as they are light-weight, rust-proof, easy to clean, and they cost less than other types. However, you may experience a leak as the gutters age. Ignoring the leaky gutters causes the water to not redirect properly from the house foundation, which leads to more damage. You should be able to fix the leaky vinyl gutters yourself by following these tips. Prepare to Fix the Leaky Vinyl Gutters [Read More]