Are Impact Resistant Windows Worth The Extra Money?

Impact resistant windows, also known as hurricane resistant windows, are a great ways to safeguard your home, especially if you live in an area prone to hurricanes.  These windows provide protection to your home all-year-round, and you need zero preparation once you install these windows in your home. However, some people find it hard to install impact resistant windows in their home because of their price tag. But the question is, are these windows worth the extra money? Here are a few reasons why you should install impact resistant windows in your home.


Even though the upfront cost of impact resistant windows can be high, installing the windows in your house can be a good investment in your property, and can significantly increase its value. Because of the various risks that your home faces, impact resistant windows usually sell quickly, especially in areas prone to hurricanes. Upgrading the windows in your home can increase its overall value, and this is turning out to be a new standard in many homes. Windows are the weakest points in a house, and this shows the importance of protecting your home with impact resistant windows. These windows can also make your home more attractive.


Because of the thickness and strength of impact resistant windows, they can even withstand a hurricane. Their strength makes these windows impassable, thus protecting your house from possible break-in all year round. These windows can also be customized to fit your home.

Energy Efficient

Impact resistant windows can assist you in reducing your monthly energy bills. In some areas, impact resistant windows do help with air conditioning during the summer. These windows have a thick glass, which can assist you in cutting back on your energy consumption. Interestingly, these windows have the capability of reducing the amount of heat that can enter your home through thin windows.

Also, impact resistant windows do not have any leaks. This is a standard feature in most of these windows, and it reduces the vulnerability of your home in the event of a hurricane. Furthermore, this feature prevents cold air from leaking outside, thus maintaining the temperature of your home. Most impact resistant windows also offer UV ray protection, and this protects your furniture, pets, and family while indoors.


Apart from increasing the value of your home, there are other benefits that you get to enjoy after installing impact resistant windows. You can get to enjoy certain tax benefits as a reward for making your home energy efficient. Also, because impact resistant windows do reduce the risk of robberies and hurricane damage, this makes it possible for you to enjoy certain insurance benefits.

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