Just Get A New Bay Window? Learn How To Care For It

If you need to replace an old bay window that is well past its lifespan, your first instincts may be to learn how to take care of a new bay window to help it last as long as possible. Here are some tips for caring for a new bay window.

Clean The Glass

It's important to clean each side of the window's glass panes from time to time to get rid of smudges, fingerprints, and various marks that are left behind. For the interior part of the bay window, it helps to put down a drop cloth so that cleaning materials do not fall on the bottom surface of the bay window. Spray down the glass with a window cleaner, and wipe it down using a cloth or soft sponge. You can then use a dry cloth over the glass to remove any moisture that remains on the glass.

For the outside of the window, it may require a ladder to reach all of the glass surfaces, but the cleaning process is the same. If the window has a lot of dirt on it, you may need more than a simple glass cleaner. Consider making a stronger cleaner that uses dish soap and warm water. If you have tree sap on the window, it will take some more work to get it off the glass. You'll need to hold the wet sponge over the sap for a while so that the sap becomes loose, then continue cleaning the surface like normal.

Trim Branches

It is a good idea to trim the branches of nearby trees that could be overgrown and rubbing against the window. You'll need to grab some pruning sheets and head outside to do some branch cutting. Make sure to cut off branches as close to the supporting branch as possible, which will help keep the tree healthy.

Seal The Wood

A bay window made out of wood will occasionally need to be sanded and sealed to prevent moisture from getting into the wood. You can test the exterior of the windows by dripping some water on the surface, if the water beads up, then the window is good and sealed correctly. If the wood absorbs the water, it means that the previous seal is gone and no longer doing its job. Applying a new sealant to the wood will help prolong its lifespan by preventing the wood from rotting.

Speak to a local home window replacement contractor if you need help installing a new window or performing maintenance.