Replace The Windows On The Main Floor For Clear Improvements To Home Security

The main entry points to your home for a burglar are the doors and windows. If you are looking to maximize home security, you want to make sure these two features are in great condition. Your windows may be several decades old and you know that you want to replace them in the future. But, with a two-story home and a few windows upstairs, you may be saving up enough money until you can replace all the windows at once. One alternative is to replace the windows on the main floor before the others. Making this change to your home will help you improve your home's security by a considerable margin.

Divided Windows

A standard window with one or two panes of glass is not going to be easy to break. But, due to the small number of panes, once one is broken, it may be possible for a burglar to shimmy into the home. It is worth investing in divided windows on the main floor because this will make it harder to get through. Breaking a single pane will not make it possible to crawl through, so it requires making more noise. This should be enough of a deterrent to stop anyone from trying to break into the home through the divided windows.


Another measure that you should consider for security purposes is double-paned windows. These windows will cost more than single-paned, but they will also help you keep your home secure. The extra costs will also come with energy savings as it will be easier to keep your home comfortable. So, you will eventually pay yourself back for the extra money that you spend in the beginning to have them installed. Having two layers of window panes will make it a major challenge for successful break-ins to happen.

Better Locks

When you get brand-new windows, you can make sure to choose models that have strong locks. Just the fact that they are new will lead to better security since locks can wear down after decades. You do not want a malfunctioning lock to be the reason that someone is able to get inside your home. Window locks will differ depending on the type of window you buy, so if home security is a priority, you should speak with a window replacement company to prioritize windows that typically have the strongest locks.

Considering these ideas will have you getting highly secure windows for your home. Contact a company like Gallagher Bros. Inc. for more information and assistance.