5 Things To Discuss With Your Window Replacement Service

Replacing windows is usually a job for a professional window contractor. Part of the reason is that proper installation is essential for energy efficiency. High-quality windows are expensive, and if they aren't installed properly, the windows could leak and lose their efficient qualities. Here's a look at five things to discuss with the window replacement service. 

1. The Estimate And Contract

You'll probably want estimates from a few companies so you get a good feel for what the average cost should be. Once you've chosen your contractor, you'll get a final quote and a contract to sign.

The contract should specify the work that will take place, the number of windows to be replaced, the start and finish dates, and other details like obtaining permits and paying for them. The contract also specifies how you'll pay for the work. Everything you need to know about the window replacement services you'll receive should be in your contract.

2. The Possibility Of Additional Charges

You should be aware of the possibility of having additional charges if the window contractor pulls out an old window and finds problems that have to be repaired. If the wood has water damage due to an old leaky window, the rotted wood may need to be taken out and replaced. This could result in additional charges so repairs can be done properly.

3. The Window Warranty

Before your window installation contractor leaves, be sure to ask about the warranty for your windows. High-quality windows often have a longer warranty period than budget windows. You'll want to know about the length of the warranty and what's covered. You'll also want to know what voids the warranty so you can avoid having that happen.

4. The Installation Day

It may take a few days to complete your window installation. You may want to be home during the process since the installers will probably need to work inside your house as well as outside. You might be asked to prepare by moving things away from the windows and taking down curtains so the crew has easy access to the windows.

5. The Operating Instructions

If you're getting a different type of new windows, they may operate differently than your old windows. If you weren't shown how to operate them in the showroom, be sure the installer takes time to show you how to open, close, and lock the windows. You may also ask about maintenance so you know how to clean the windows properly and prevent etching on the glass.

Contact a local window replacement service to learn more.