Three Answers For Those Looking To Upgrade Their Blinds And Shades

The shades that are in your home will be an important aesthetic and practical feature for your home's interior. Yet, there are homeowners that are uninformed about the basics of shades and blinds, which can make it difficult to choose ones that will perfectly meet your needs for the room.

Will Shades Have To Completely Block The Sunlight?

There is a common belief that all shades and blinds will completely block the sunlight entering through the windows. For those with good views or that need to keep an eye on children playing outside, this can make these blinds an ineffective option. In contrast, solar blinds will block out the most intense rays of light from the sun, but they will still allow you to be able to see outside.

What Benefits Will Solar Shades Offer?

In addition to allowing you to still be able to see outside, solar shades can also offer you additional benefits. For example, these shades will block the ultraviolet light, and this can help to protect your hardwood floors against bleaching. Furthermore, these intense rays of light can cause skin damage to your while you are inside. By having these blinds, you may be able to reduce your exposure to skin-damaging solar radiation while you are inside your home. Lastly, these blinds can help to improve the energy efficiency of the house due to blocking much of the convective heat from the sun without inhibiting your ability to see outside.

Are Solar Shades Difficult For You To Keep Clean?

While solar shades can provide a number of important and useful benefits, you might assume that they will require more cleaning than traditional blinds. However, these blinds have almost identical care needs to traditional blinds. You will need to clean them by regularly dusting them. Depending on the design of the solar shades, it may be possible for you to wash them. If this is the case, you will want to follow the manufacturer's instructions as closely as possible. Incorrectly washing these shades can degrade their color, warp them or cause the fibers to start fraying. Additionally, you should always allow these shades to air dry after washing them, as intense heat can be very damaging to them.

Creating a comfortable interior for your home will require you to manage the amount and intensity of the sunlight that is entering through the windows. When you are aware of the benefits of using solar shades, you can balance these needs without compromising your ability to see outside. Click here for info on window shades.