Siding: Vinyl And Fiber Cement Compared

When it comes to exterior remodels, adding siding to your existing sidewalls is one of the most comprehensive ways to completely overhaul your home style. That is, you home will look like an entirely new building with siding. This is a great thing if you live in a monotonous tract home community where all the houses look the same. Make your home stand out with siding. But, what material is best for residential siding. Fiber cement and vinyl are two of the most popular choices. This article explains the main differences between these two materials.

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl is definitely the more common of the two options. It is a siding material that has been used on everything from homes, to RVs, to office buildings for many years. It is a reliable material that can look great in all types of construction. Vinyl styles are very diverse. There are many different manufacturers, so you can find just about any color or texture imaginable. You can also find manufacturers who offer custom colors. These are great if you have a unique color choice. Vinyl is a material that is getting more advanced by the day. The modern printed vinyl products are very realistic. For instance, the grains on wood-printed panels match with the 3D texture. This attention to detail and variety makes it a popular material.

But, vinyl is even more loved for its practicality. When it comes to siding, you want a waterproof material. Vinyl is just that. It is perfectly waterproof when it is installed, and it won't need any special maintenance to keep it that way.

Fiber Cement Siding

Fiber cement is a similarly low maintenance choice. It is made out of concrete fibers and byproducts that are held together with lightweight epoxies. This means it looks very much like real concrete, but it is much lighter, so it can be used as exterior siding. Like vinyl, fiber cement has a modular design that makes it great for DIYers who want to handle their own installation. Fiber cement is also great because it can be customized. That is, unlike vinyl, it can be repainted. The surface of vinyl is much to smooth to be repainted. But, fiber cement, like stucco is very easy to repaint.

Both vinyl and fiber cement are great siding products. They are low maintenance and similarly priced. In the end, choose the style that you like the best. Speak with a siding installation professional to learn more.