Choosing The Right Type Of Window

Investing in a new window installation is major financial decision. When making such a big investment, you obviously want to make sure you are smart about everything that you choose. First, you need to decide what material will be best for your home. Then, you should think about what style of window you want in each fixture throughout your home. That is, you need to go through your house, look at each window, one-by-one, and decide what style of window will work best in that particular fixture. This article looks at a few of the most popular window styles for residential construction.

Bay Windows

Bay windows are worth mentioning because they are very stylish. That being said, the installation of a bay window is probably going to be the most expensive option. It requires some demolition and expansion of your existing walls. Even though this too dramatic for a majority of the fixtures in your home, bay windows can add a lot of style, and even a little space to some rooms.

Casement Windows

Casement windows are on hinges and they open outward, like a door. You can install free swinging casements that you push to open, or geared casements that can only be opened using a cranking mechanism. Many people love the fact that casements windows allow them to have one, large, unobstructed piece of glass. There are no bars in the middle of the window to block your view. This is perhaps the biggest perk over sliding windows. But, cranking casements are also more practical on window fixtures that located high on the wall. On higher fixtures, you often can't reach high enough to push a vertically sliding window all the way open. But with a casement window that has a cranking mechanism mounted on the seal, you can easily open the window all the way.

Sliding Windows

Sliding windows are definitely the most common of these three options. They are reliable and more affordable than casement windows. They are also easier to repair, because there are fewer complicated mechanisms (like a crank of hinges) to worry about. Vertically and horizontally sliding windows are easy to maintain, you just want to make sure that you keep the tracks clean.

Pick and choose the best window styles for each fixture in your home. Think about how you will use that fixture. Also, consider you budget because they prices from style to style can vary drastically.