5 Things To Discuss With Your Window Replacement Service

Replacing windows is usually a job for a professional window contractor. Part of the reason is that proper installation is essential for energy efficiency. High-quality windows are expensive, and if they aren't installed properly, the windows could leak and lose their efficient qualities. Here's a look at five things to discuss with the window replacement service.  1. The Estimate And Contract You'll probably want estimates from a few companies so you get a good feel for what the average cost should be. [Read More]

Improve Insulation At Home With New Window Shutters

Interior-mounted shutters are a great design choice that also provides a lot of functionality to your home. If you're frustrated with how much temperatures fluctuate in your home and the high cost of energy bills, then you might be interested in new window shutters.  Interior-mounted shutters are a great choice for improving insulation, but there's a lot to compare between the styles of shutters to find the shutters ideal for your home. [Read More]