The Five Main Types Of Window Locks

Window locks provide an extra degree of security to your home. There are five main categories of window locks, all of which perform the same function, but operate in different ways and are best suited for different kinds of windows. Understanding the differences between these five main groups can help you choose the lock that best fits your home's design and needs.

Sliding Locks

Like their name suggests, sliding locks are designed for use with sliding windows, and prevent the window from moving at all. They can be easily installed, and can be engaged and disengaged simply by turning a wing nut on the side of the window. Sliding locks can be used to keep windows secured even while open, allowing for both convenience and security. Some models come with a key for an added layer of protection.

Folding Locks

Folding locks are designed for use only with double hung windows and are mounted to the top window. They allow the window to open part way, allowing air to circulate in your home without providing an entrance for intruders, making them a convenient locking option.

Hinged Wedge Locks

Hinged wedge locks are locks installed in the tracks of sliding or double hung windows. They are engaged by pressing down on a lever on the actual lock. Most hinged wedge locks have several settings, allowing you to open your window all, part, or none of the way open. This provides a greater level of customization than other types of window locks do.

Latch Locks

Latch locks are fairly common window locks, and works with most types of windows. Latch locks are usually mounted on the side of the window, and are engaged by pushing a lever into place once the window is closed, locking the window to the windowsill or to an adjacent windowpane. This allows for quick and easy engagement of the lock, without having to fiddle with keys. As latch locks are secured to another unmoving part of your home, a great deal of security is afforded.

Keyed Sash Locks

Keyed sash locks are designed specifically for use with double hung windows and won't work with any other window style. They mount to the side of the window and are operated with a key. Keyed sash locks are an efficient way of keeping windows securely closed from intruders, but represent an inconvenience whenever you want to open the window.

If your windows are old or damaged, or if you prefer a style of window to accommodate a different locking system, contact a professional company, like Simpson Windows and Doors, to discuss your window replacement and lock options.